We are proud to recognize and celebrate Penticton and area business and community leaders that have achieved excellence in their communities through their own abilities, efforts and initiatives.

The Selection Committee will be looking for evidence of the nominee's achievements in each of the four selection criteria:

  1. Vision and Leadership;
  2. Innovation and Achievement;
  3. Impact and Positive Influence;
  4. Social Responsibility and Community Involvement.

Criteria 1 - Vision and Leadership:

  • What does the nominee imagine for the future of their organization and themselves?
  • What milestones have they reached and what goals have they committed to achieving?
  • How are they leading others to achieve their goals and fulfill their vision?
  • How are they inspiring those around them to better themselves and our community?

Criteria 2 - Innovation and Achievement:

  • What innovative ideas has the nominee created, advocated for, or implemented for their organization or professional position to affect a positive change? It does not have to be a major breakthrough, unique idea, or new business model, rather, it can be as simple as upgrades to their organization's customer service, features added to an existing product, workplace culture, and more.
  • What awards, designations, or other forms of recognition has the nominee received? Alternately, is there a key performance metric(s) the nominee can provide to demonstrate sustained improvement in a relevant area vs an earlier time period, or vs their industry's standard?

Criteria 3 - Impact and Positive Influence:

  • How does the nominee provide a positive impact for their organization and/or their community?
  • How does the nominee provide a positive impact for others?
  • Does the nominee volunteer their time outside of work? If so, with whom and how often?

Criteria 4 - Social Responsibility and Community Involvement:

  • How does the nominee or their business contribute to initiatives that reduce pollution, promote the sustainable use of natural resources, etc.?
  • Do the actions of the Nominee benefit the community? For example, is there a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment?
  • How does the nominee support charity(ies), non-profit organizations, or the causes that help their community?