All nominations received will be validated by the Chamber, once verified eligible nominees will receive a What's Next email inviting them to create their account on awardify to access online nominee questionnaire.  


  • The Penticton Top 40 Over / Under 40 Program consist of an online nominee submission only, all materials must be submitted online by 11:59pm Sunday, March 10, 2024.
  • If you foresee a conflict meeting this deadline, please contact the Chamber team at 778-476-3111. Once the deadline has passed no further submissions can be uploaded.

Accuracy of submitted materials is the responsibility of the applicant. Information given on the entry form will be used exactly as submitted in the award ceremony through production, presentation, video and recognition in the media.


Please include a minimum of ONE professional headshot - this will be used for all marketing.


  • The Chamber reserves the right to disqualify incomplete submissions without notice. 
  • Acceptance of submissions received is at the discretion of the Chamber.
  • The Chamber reserves the right to realign individuals if they have been nominated for the wrong award category.  
  • All nominees agree to the Code of Conduct.
  • The only information judges will have access to is what is provided with your nominee submission, website, social media, google reviews etc.  We encourage you to include testimonies, reviews, links to website and social media platforms.
  • Judges will not be in contact with the nominees, all judging will be completed online. 
  • Should a judge need further clarification, they will reach out to the chamber to connect with the nominee directly.


  • Day 1 (Feb 7): Media release announcing the Top 40 program, and call for nominees. 
  • Day 26 (Mar 3) Top 40 nominations close.
  • Day 33 (Mar 10) Nominee completed questionnaire deadline.
  • Day 34 (Mar 11) Chamber staff will provide list of the nominees' names to evaluators to screen for conflict of interest.
  • Day 36 (Mar 13): After removing any conflicts from specific evaluators, nomination submissions will be provided to the evaluators for scoring.
  • Day 47 (Mar 24): Judging by individual selection committee members concludes by end-of-day.
  • Day 48 (Mar 25): The selection committee results will be averaged, and the 20 honourees from both categories will be finalized. Between day 48 and 58, Chamber staff will prepare press releases.
  • Day 66 (Apr 12): Over the next 20 weeks, 2 honourees will be announced weekly – one under 40, and one that is 40 or older.
  • Day 199 (Aug 23): Final pair of honourees named.
  • Day 207 (Aug 31): Top 40 Gala followed by the final press release.
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