Workplace Culture Excellence

Penticton Chamber 35th Annual Business Excellence Awards | Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce


Workplace Culture Excellence This business / organization goes above and beyond creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that successfully reduces barriers for all.  

This organization’s commitment to health and safety, team development and team well-being fosters a loyal and healthy workforce.  Executes best practices in all areas of their operation to ensure maximization of their capabilities and capacity.  Judging will take into account the relative size of business.  *Must be in business longer than 2 years.

This Business:

  • Values and provides equal opportunity to all employees regardless of differences (e.g., ability, age, ethnic backgrounds, gender, religion, sexual orientation) to achieve their maximum potential at work without discrimination.
  • Promotes mental & physical wellness.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the ongoing education, skills development or professional accreditation of its employees.
  • Encourages employees with team development, recognition and reward programs.
  • Demonstrates an exceptional commitment to its employees through competitive and equitable employment packages.

NOTE:  The BEA Committee reserves the right to reallocate nominees into the appropriate award category if they are determined to be ineligible in the Workplace Culture Excellence Award category.

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Criterion Weight
Success Factors 40.0%
Employee Training & Development 30.0%
Organization Profile 10.0%
Community Involvement 10.0%
Supporting Documents 10.0%