Business Leader of the Year

35th Annual Business Excellence Awards | Penticton Chamber of Commerce


Business Leader of the Year is presented to a business professional who has demonstrated exceptional success in the ownership or management of a local business through leadership, strategic thinking, balanced workplace values, exemplary customer service, community engagement and pursuit of excellence.  *Must be in business longer than 2 years. *self nominations are not accepted for this award - Ask your mentor, or a community leader if you wish to be nominated.

This Individual:

  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the business environment
  • Shows excellence in their chosen field, overall business acumen, customer service, community involvement, and leadership
  • Provides outstanding leadership attributes (mentoring, customer relations, corporate citizenship, and a commitment to the highest standards of management)
  • Inspires others to improve the services and/or quality of life in Penticton.

NOTE:  The BEA Committee reserves the right to reallocate nominees into the appropriate award category if they are determined to be ineligible in the Business Leader of the Year Award category.

Criterion Weight
Success Factors 30.0%
Leadership 30.0%
Community Involvement 15.0%
Economic Development 15.0%
Business Leader Profile 8.0%
Supporting Documents 2.0%