Hospitality Excellence

Penticton Chamber 35th Annual Business Excellence Awards | Penticton Chamber of Commerce


Hospitality Excellence Award recognizes the active role of the business in the development of the local hospitality and tourism industry, as well as making the South Okanagan Region a better place to visit.  The definition of hospitality is the friendly, generous reception and entertainment of guests and visitors.  Judging will take into account the relative size of business.  *Non Profit organizations are not eligible for this award.  *Must be in business longer than 2 years 

Businesses that cater to the hospitality/tourism sector include but are not limited to:

  • Accommodations (including campgrounds)
  • Restaurants & Cafes 
  • Adventure & Recreation
  • Wineries, Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries
  • Attractions, Tour Companies, Family Friendly Activities 

This business:

  • Receives positive feedback and reviews through their own and third-party media channels.
  • Collaborates with other industry partners to enhance customer experience in a manner that strengthens the vision of Penticton as a preferred destination city.
  • Significantly impacts the economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of their community. 
  • Adapts to industry challenges in a positive and creative manner.

NOTE: The BEA Committee reserves the right to reallocate nominees into the appropriate award category if they are determined to be ineligible in the Hospitality Excellence Award category.

Criterion Weight
Success Factors 30.0%
Customer Service 30.0%
Marketing Success & Partnerships 17.0%
Community Involvement 10.0%
Organization Profile 8.0%
Supporting Documents 5.0%