Participation in the 2024 Top 40 Over | Under 40, a Chamber-sponsored activity, is a privilege that comes with the responsibility to adhere to the following code of conduct:

Refrain from publicly disparaging any individual or organization involved in the Top 40 Program or Selection Process.

Conduct business and professional activities in a manner that would not bring the Chamber or business community-at-large into disrepute.

Uphold municipal, provincial, and federal legislation and laws/bylaws. Where it is known, or becomes known, that a nominee is under investigation for, charged with, or has been convicted of a criminal or civil act that would call into question the credibility of this program, may be disqualified as a nominee.

Respect the role and decisions made by the selection committee and Chamber staff with regards to the Top 40 program.

Acknowledge that failure to uphold the professional and personal obligations outlined by this code of conduct may result in the disqualification as a nominee.

This code of conduct has been approved by the Chamber Executive Director Michael Magnusson on February 7, 2024.

Termination Process

Each person participating in Chamber activities is subject to review of the Executive Director. The Chamber reserves the discretionary right to halt participation of the person if the conduct of the person, in the Executive Director's opinion, has legal or ethical implications detrimental to the person, and/or the Chamber.

Written notice of the intention to terminate the person will be given. The notice will set out a time and place for a meeting with the Executive Director, indicate that the person is under review and may be terminated at that meeting, provide sufficient reasons to enable the person in question to prepare to answer the complaint or concerns raised and allow them to make an answer at the meeting.

The decision of the Executive Director is a final and binding decision from which there is no appeal to any tribunal whatsoever. Termination does not relieve the person from any obligations they owe to the Chamber,

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