Selection Committee Process

We are excited to use the Awardify platform to ensure an unbiased judging process.

The Business Excellence Awards selection committee is comprised of 10 business and community leaders who bring with them a broad spectrum of skills, expertise and insight.

New for 2022, three additional judges have been added to serve as the tie-breaker or alternate judge when required. They will also serve as the third judge in the following award categories:

  • Young Professional of the Year
  • Business Leader of the Year
  • Business of the Year

The Penticton Chamber is looking for experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic business and community leaders to volunteer their time to be part of the 2022 Business Excellence Awards Selection Committee.

Commitment & Responsibility

  • attend a zoom meeting to learn about the process
  • complete an application form
  • sign a confidentially and code of conduct agreement
  • remain objective and open minded
  • estimated time commitment 20-25 hours
  • review and judge all eligible nominee packages using an online platform
  • interview the (3) semi-finalists in person with co-judges between Oct 6 – 12
  • chamber membership is NOT a requirement to a judge

If you are interested in becoming a judge email

Award Judging

  • Judging is performed online by local business and community leaders who are invested in our community
  • Judges are required to sign a confidentiality and code of conduct agreement
  • Each award category has its own award criteria and judging matrix to help guide the judges
  • Judges will view all eligible nominee submissions with respect, fairness, and an unbiased view
  • Judges will notify the Chamber immediately if there is any real or perceived bias and will abstain from judging the category in question
  • Judges are to remain objective and to advise Chamber staff if they have a conflict of interest with the nominees and/or co-judge
  • Judges will be responsible for judging designated award categories determined by the Chamber
  • Judges only have access to their designated award categories and nominee submissions

STEP 1 (September 12 – 30)

  • Judges will review all eligible nominee submissions received, using award criteria, judging matrix, nominee submission and their own notes and will evaluate and score each nominee to determine the (3) semi-finalists.
  • Judges may view nominees' website, social pages, google reviews etc.
  • During this stage Judges will not contact the nominees. They will only meet with the semi-finalist once they are revealed. 
  • All judging will be done in a confidential manner using an online platform that will tabulate the scores.
  • The Chamber will review all results and contact the judges should there be questions, or concerns.

Award semi-finalists will be revealed Wednesday, October 5 at Total Restoration Services and will be made available to the public via Chamber website, eBlast, press release, and all nominees and semi-finalists will be notified by email after the reveal.

STEP 2 (October 6 – 12)

  • Judges will meet with all semi-finalists in person or via zoom to learn more about their business between October 6-12. This is an important step in the final selection process before they make their final decision
  • Judges will review interview notes, nominee submission, criteria and judging matrix and will score each semi-finalist to determine the 2022 award winner
  • All judging will be done in a confidence using an online platform that will tabulate the scores
  • The Chamber will review all results and contact the judges should there be questions, or concerns

The award winner results will remain confidential and will only be revealed at the awards gala in October.