General Mission Statement

As a membership organization, The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) strives to be active in the democratic process in order to raise public awareness and education regarding their members' interests. As a non partisan organization, all activities will be conducted without endorsing any party or individual running for political office. All participants in Chamber activities must avoid situations where personal representations could conflict or be perceived to conflict with this Code of Conduct and/or the duties and responsibilities, or the interest of the Chamber as a whole.


Any person participating in Chamber activities forfeits their right to participate if:

  • They do not fulfill requirements for meetings or providing information,
  • They declare bankruptcy, or are declared insolvent,
  • They are convicted of an indictable offence under the Criminal Code of Canada,
  • They are declared unsound of mind,
  • They establish their principal residence outside the province of British Columbia,
  • They may be removed from participation based on any grounds where they are found to not be consistent with the best interests of the Chamber.

Termination Process

Each person participating in Chamber activities is subject to review of the Executive Director. The Chamber reserves the discretionary right to halt participation of the person if the conduct of the person, in the Executive Director's opinion, has legal or ethical implications detrimental to the person, and/or the Chamber.

Written notice of the intention to terminate the person will be given.

The notice will:

  • set out a time and place for a meeting with the Executive Director,
  • indicate that the person is under review and may be terminated at that meeting,
  • provide sufficient reasons to enable the person in question to prepare to answer the complaint or concerns raised and allow them to make an answer at the meeting.

The decision of the Executive Director is a final and binding decision from which there is no appeal to any tribunal whatsoever. Termination does not relieve the person from any obligations they owe to the Chamber,

Resignation or Withdrawal

Any person participating in Chamber activities may resign from an appointed position or a nominated role at any time and with appropriate written notice to the Executive Director.

The Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for:

  • implementing the policies of the Chamber and the Board,
  • attending to the general day-to-day management and control of the business affairs of the Chamber, and
  • is a non-voting member on all Committees, advisory groups, task forces of the Chamber.

BEA Nominees


  • Any reputable individual or business directly engaged in a legal trade, commerce or adding to the economic welfare of the community the Chamber serves is eligible.
  • Nominees must meet the general award criteria for the award which they are nominated for.
  • Nominees must submit a complete nomination package by the posted deadline.

Materials, Communications

All materials and communications, whether in hardcopy or electronic must be treated with full confidentiality and security.